IMAGINE Eco-Friendly Large Laptop Backpack

IMAGINE® Eco-Friendly Large Laptop Backpack

This is one large backpack made of Eco-Friendly khaki-green fabric with grayish-green circular-patterned fabric trim for a more stylistic look.  We created this ergonomic backpack for the student, working professional, archeologist on a dig, or anyone with a need to carry a lot of stuff and a large laptop.  This laptop backpack is also perfect for the ‘Gamer’ who needs to transport their entertainment investment with ease and comfort. Or, forget your laptop and use it to carry a week’s groceries home from the market.  We designed versatility into every cubic inch.


  • Expanded Dimensions: 20” x 13.5” x 10.25” (51cm x 34cm x 26cm).
  • Large zippered back pocket is a foam-padded laptop compartment that easily fits a 17” laptop and could fit some 18” laptops that have thin display frames.  The interior diagonal dimension of the laptop pocket is 18.5 inches.  Please measure your laptop to ensure a good fit.  This pocket also has a separate interior pocket that is half the height of the entire pocket.
  • Zippered front compartment has a two-section file folder with elastic strap in the front and space for a sweater or other items.
  • A large zippered compartment with three inner organizer pockets is on both sides.
  • Mesh pockets with water bottle straps are also on both sides.
  • Medium zippered storage pockets:
    • One on the front.
    • One built into the bottom.
  • 18 separate compartments in all.
  • Material: Eco-Friendly and durable 840 x 300D w/ TPE backing.
  • Comfortable, fully-adjustable, padded straps and padded back shell.
  • Carry handle on top.


Most computer bags are made of PVC-based materials which contain toxic dioxins that have a long-term adverse effect on the environment and human health.  IMAGINE's innovative fabric backing is made of environmentally friendly, non-toxic and recyclable material.  In addition, the low cadmium metal used in the zipper pulls minimizes the contribution of hazardous heavy metals to the environment.  IMAGINE's TPE backing is 30% lighter and can withstand temperatures as low as -13°F without cracking. This naturally strong material is waterproof and offers excellent durability while maintaining its softness and smoothness.


All IMAGINE® Eco-Friendly Laptop Bags come with a five-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship from the original date purchase from an authorized agent.

  • Item #: IIC-WG732

IMAGINE Eco-Friendly Large Laptop Backpack

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